Share You Art website provides the artists from all around the world with the opportunity to share their arts, which serves as an alternative, aesthetic and cultural approach of the speaking about a historical reality called the Genocide. In SHARE YOUR ARTS section of the website every artist and creative individual can present an artworks created in the theme of the Armenian Genocide. There are no genre restrictions in this section. Every new artwork brings us a step closer to fostering the global acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide. When the artworks is submitted in the section with the required filled out information, it appears in the SHARED ARTS section within 48 hours after acquiring the authors confirmation of copyright and if the artwork corresponds to the theme.

The Armenian Genocide has left an irreversible trace in our history and in our spirits and the reflection of grief, yearning, hope is woven in chain in the Armenian fine arts. When human languages is powerless to express what happened in 1915, the language of art does have the power to do so. Different generations of Armenian famous artists have continuously addressed the great iniquity and the artworks dedicated to the Armenian Genocide have always had their unique places in their art. Armenian artists greatly contributed to the global acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide thought their art. Many of these works have been exhibited to public but even more of them are unknown till today.

The website was created in 2015 dedicated to the Armenian Genocide Centennial. The website is lead by 100 artworks created within 1915-2015. In the 100Arts section the selected authors are the world renowned Armenian artists of the past century such as Martiros Sarian, Arshile Gorky, Leon Tutundjian, Arshile Gorky, Jansem, Haroutiun Galentz, Carzou, Minas Avetisyan, Ervand Kochar, Paul Guiragossian and many others till the famous Armenian artists of new era such as Hakob Hakobian, Narek Avetusyan, Tigran Tsitoghdzyan, DibaSar, Sahak Poghosyan, Kaloust Guedel, Ararat Sarkissian, Teni Vardanyan, Sarkis Hamalbashian and others.

The idea of voicing out the Armenian Genocide that occurred 100 years ago through the medium of art is an appeal to see the world living in peace in the turmoil of current genocides happening around the world exterminating the innocents.