August 7, 2016

Art in Media


Art in Media is a project aimed at fostering socially engaged form of art through the medium of social posters contributing to the public awareness raising of the current social issues in Armenia through artistic expression. Social art is currently one of the most powerful tools for raising public awareness on social issues involving public, youth particularly, into civic activism and decision making processes.

Within the frames of the project more than 50 of conceptual, attractive, eye-catching posters addressing the current issues in Armenia have been created as a new and alternative method of voicing out issue. Alongside with the posters, several public events engaging people of all walks of like into social art action have been organized. The events served as platforms for the creative expression of the issues they were eager to voice out. The diversity of messages and issues was the main priority of the project. Not only the posters did cover politically and socially driven issues but also involved topic dedicated to peculiarities of the Armenian culture, nation and society as a step to foster tolerance, understanding and love for cultural specialties. The project was concluded with a social poster exhibition.

Notwithstanding the fact that the themes of the posters covered local issues, most of them have universal relevance and the presented issues are actual in many countries. The awareness raising of universal issues through the medium of visual art is a powerful and important genre which has to have a wide global acknowledgement every year.

The project is implemented as a part of Alternative Resources in Media sources in Media” program which is made possible by the support of the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).