November 28, 2016

Story of a Girl


Story of a Girl comics-newspaper is artistic and sensitive story based on a real story of a young pregnant woman who is deeply loved and cared in her family, has friends, networksbut one day she faces a situation in life when she feels forced to consider gender selective abortion.

The main idea of the “Story of a Girl” is throwing light on the reasons why women, who are pregnant with their second daughters, consider undergoing an abortion as a result of indirect pressure from their families, relatives and society. It seems that nobody forces the main heroine of the story take that step. But the story reveals that she has fallen a victim to social pressure and the stereotypes that one girl in a family is enough; therefore the second one has to be aborted. The positive resolution of the story which in its turn is an appeal to deny the gender biased selection and preserve the healthy procreation irrespective of its gender.

Discrimination on the basis of sex alone is inherently unjust but unfortunately very real and pervasive form of sex discrimination is still practiced in the world today. “Story of a Girl” project tackles the issue by starting a conversation with the general public about gender biased selection issue in Armenia creating a supportive and non judgmental space for both men and women to rethink their decisions and take steps back. The dialogue with the general public has been visualized in an authentic and emotional “Story of a Girl” enrolled in a comics-newspaper format which further on has been published in and disseminated among local, international organizations dealing with the issue in Yerevan and region, public areas as well as hospitals.

Comics-newspaper is made possible with financial support of EU Armenia within the frames of “Combating Gender-Biased Sex Selection in Armenia”project.