August 7, 2016

Who We Are

The Eiva Arts Foundation aims to further the role of art education by creating innovative and socially engaged art projects that better communities both in Armenia and beyond.

To fulfill their mission, the Eiva Arts Foundation works to:

Promote Art Through Innovative Technologies
Educate Through Art and About Art
Engage the Community Through Art Projects
Showcase Armenian Art on a Global Scale
Present Social Issues Through Art

Since its establishment in 2012, the Eiva Arts Foundation has highlighted the value of art globally. The projects implemented by the Eiva Arts Foundation are special due to their cultural and historical context as well as cognitive and educational content.

Eiva aims to educate both local and global audiences about the rich artistic history that Armenia holds, with the hope of giving Armenian art, new and old, the recognition that it deserves. Additionally, the Eiva Arts Foundation aims to advocate for the upheaval of social norms, individual stigmas, and stereotypes through the implementation of socially engaging, community-based art projects.

The Eiva Arts Foundation strives to promote art through innovative techniques. As technology becomes increasingly prevalent within society, it is important to evolve the ways through which art is taught and presented. Technology allows the Eiva Arts Foundation to expand their impact to a global audience and further their mission.  



Lia Mkhitaryan
Lia Mkhitaryan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Eiva Arts Foundation. She has worked as a creative leader and project manager at various local and international organizations in the fields of arts, culture, environment, education, media, communications and social entrepreneurship for many years. Business trips to countries with rich cultural heritage all around the world affirmed her world outlook and strongly beliefs in the undeniable power of art to transform the society, awaken the humanity and make the world a better and a kinder place to live in. Therefore, in 2012 she co-founded Eiva Arts foundation to carry on that mission.



Lilit Stepanian
Lilit Stepanian is the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Eiva Arts Foundation. She is a leading scenographer and designer and author of various decoration in local and international organizations. In 2016 she was awarded a diploma by the Yerevan Mayor for her dedicated work in the Armenian art. She is a member of the Artists Union since 2006 as well as participant of various exhibitions in Czech Republic, France, Kuwait, Georgia, Malta, Russia and so on. Sharing the idea of valuation of art, she co-founded Eiva Arts Foundation in 2012 which is getting enlarged and broadens the scopes of its activities every year.


6Piruza Harutjunjan
Piruza Harutjunjan is the business development lead of Eiva Arts Foundation. With over 13 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business developer, she is helping companies all over the world to transform and become digital, find new revenue streams and meet the market requirements. Purpose driven business is her passion and the purpose is the world without digital waste – waste of talent, time and potential. She has always been supporting Eiva Arts Foundation with her expertise and ideas and now she has joined the team to enhance Eiva’s digital presence, outreach and impact globally.


3Hamazasp Mkhitaryan (Hamuz)
Hamazasp Mkhitaryan is a prominent Armenian artists and the president of the Board of Trustees of Eiva Arts Foundation. His art is the penetration of the Armenian culture greatly influenced by the renaissance masters. Since 1977 he is pursuing a path of an independent artist running national and international exhibitions all over the world. He actively exhibited hundreds of his works in galleries in Germany, France, Italy, Australia, USA, Canada, Russia and many other countries. Hundreds of his artworks are in the private collections in the USA and Europe. He has been a member of the Artists Union in RA and UNESCO since 1982.


Jussi Bioern4
Jussi Bioern is an independent entrepreneur and a member of the Board of Trustees of Eiva Arts Foundation. Jussi has a special connection to Armenia due to his descendance. His Armenian father was adopted by a Norwegian relief worker Bodil Beorn. Jussi’s grandmother Bodil has an incredible missionary work heritage for Armenia. She created orphanages in Mush, (Anatolia), Gyumri (Armenia) and Aleppo (Syria) within thirty years of active missionary work. Jussi got connected to Eiva through “Red Hail… because it never ends” project which was a built on a photography of girls taken by Bodil in 1910 in the western Armenia.