August 7, 2016

Rights and Freedoms


Rights and Freedoms is illustrative book of RA Constitution Chapter two, which is the Fundamental Human and Civil Rights and Freedoms. The book doesn’t have any age limitations. If can be of great use for children to look at the illustrative images and learn about the rights and freedoms as well as for older generation who can look at the illustrations and read the articles recognizing their right.

“All the people are equal in front of the law. Discrimination on the basis of gender, race, complexion, language, religion, political and other views, minorities, age or other individual and social circumstances is prohibited”. Each article in the “Rights and Freedoms” book has a illustrated social situation depicted the certain articles which in its turn is subdivided into “good” or “bad” deeds. The qualification of “good” or “bad” deeds are presented by specially created characters. This has a particularly important role on a younger generation who have to learn to differentiate the good from the bad from early ages. Given the importance of rooting the sense of citizenship in children from early ages, within the frames of the project the book was presented to children in entertaining and gamified format in many schools and communities providing them with the opportunity to learn to practice the law and be protected by it.

The book was made possible with the support of Counterpart International and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).