August 1, 2016


arvest_coverArvest | Hard box, 2017

“Arvest” is a board game + book dedicated to 12 Armenian outstanding artists (Hakob Hovnatanyan, Hovhannes Ayvazovski, Gevorg Bashinjaghyan, Vardges Surenyants, Martiros Saryan, Yervand Kochar, Harutyun Kalents, Hakob Hakobyan, Sergey Parajanov, Grigor Khanjyan, Minas Avetisyan, Ashot Hovhannisyan) and their most famous artworks offering a meaningful game play for children of different age groups (5+). The game comes with an informative book that provides information on art genres, tells short compelling stories about each artist, their style and the artworks. By learning art through playing, children will easily remember the names of the artists and their famous artworks, explore each artwork more closely, recognise the artists’ specific color palettes and unique styles. The game is in Armenian.



Corruption is not Genetic | Paperback, 2017

“Corruption is not Genetic” comic-newspaper was depicted the effects corruption has on the everyday life of a young Armenian boy. The characters elaborated in the comics books were generative characters representing Armenian society and aspects of daily life affected by corruption. The comics-newspaper was aimed at not only voicing out this issue of utter importance but also making every member of society a direct carrier of the message. “Corruption is not genetic” comic newspaper was created within the frames of “The Art of (anti) Corruption” campaign which is a year-long series of events implemented by Impact Hub Yerevan in partnership with the European Union Delegation in Armenia. The comic-newspaper is in Armenian.





Story of a Girl | Paperback, 2016

“Story of a Girl” is a comic-newspaper tackling the issue of gender-biased selection issue in Armenia. The gender biased selection is unfortunately existent not only in countries such as China and India but also in Armenia. The international researches have shown that about 1400 girls are not born in Armenia based on gender selective abortions. This story reveals the cultural and stereotypical attitude of the issue by presenting the impact of society and social pressure that falls on parents who make the decision to take that step. The comic-newspaper is intended to be relatable for general public, each generic character presented in the story is representing masses of society. The script of the comic newspaper is built on real facts. The comic-newspaper is in Armenian.





Red Hail …because it never ends | Hardcover, 2015

“Red Hail …because it never ends” book provides an in-depth depiction of the Armenian Genocide based on Norwegian missionary Bodil Biørn’s personal photography archives and diaries also telling how the issue of Genocide is tackled 100 years later. The book provides profound artistic connotation of the “Red Hail …because it never ends” project providing the story of creation as well as presenting Armenia as a performative space. The book is concluded by presenting stories of survivors of the Armenian Genocide. The book has an attached DVD to it with the “Red Hail …because it never ends” video art. The book is in English.



I am a Child | Paperback, 2015

“I am a Child” book is a child-friendly version of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) meant to educate children, parents, teacher and caregivers in Armenia on the convention. The book is visually illustrated with children’s characters from diverse ethnicity, race as well as special needs. Every article of the convention is delineated in a comic role play dialogue format to ensure easy and fun learning of convention for the children. The book has a coloring book attached to it for children of preschool age. The book is in Armenian.




Rights and Freedom | Paperback, 2013

“Rights and Freedoms” book is a colorful, vibrant, child friendly illustrated book of the Chapter two of RA Constitution which is Fundamental Human and Civil Rights and Freedoms. The book visually illustrates every single article of the law with diverse human characters discernibly depicting the do’s and don’t of the fundamental human rights and civic freedoms. The book has a bookmark and a coloring book attached to it for children of preschool age. The book is in Armenian.